CONFERENCE: JAN 25 - 28 | EXHIBITS: JAN 26 - 28, 2016
Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Wearable Tech Products Are More Than Accessories.
They Are Our Companions & Necessities.

Wearables have evolved to be a part of your home life, your family life, your health and more. See how at Wearable Tech Expo and get insight across all sectors.

  • Augmented Reality: Google Glass may have missed the mark, but digital eyewear can turn even the most mundane walk down the street into an adventure.

  • Connected Family & Pets: "Lost Pet" signs are a thing of the past. Implant tracking devices in your pets and always know where they are.

  • Connectivity & Apps: The payment methods you use can be stored on your phone, where you can pay with a simple swipe of your phone, versus fumbling around with your wallet. Then you can check your accounts from apps there too.

  • Entertainment: Athletes don special suits to track their movements in live-game scenarios to bring new and improved realism to video games and big-screen animation.

  • Fashion: Leading designers are working to incorporate smart garments that integrate phones and cameras, all the while making it look good.

  • Fitness: The device you wear tracks your data to the app on your phone, that lets you know when you have achieved goals or even when you need more fluids.

  • Medical: Health sensors are now being given to patients with viruses to improve their outcomes.

  • Sports: Real-time data applications are improving training and coaching methods, from recreational levels on up through the professional levels.